Mitchell Rose, a senior lawyer with more than 25 years since called to the Ontario bar, focuses on resolving civil disputes. He operates a virtual practice, which can provide savings for you. His goal is to implement legal strategies that result in settlement without the need for costly litigation.

To further help our clients, and with a network of legal and other practitioners available to tap into for a particular expertise or level of seniority, we can usually offer more than one fee option—or a combination of options—depending on your unique case, preference, and of course, budget*, including:

  • Competitive hourly rates, with a client appreciation discount [after 10 billed hours]
  • Fixed fees, for routine matters or for disputes that are resolved without lawsuits
  • Fixed fees and hourly rate combination, for routine matters or for disputes that exceed the usual scope of work
  • Prepaid flat fee annual subscription programs—typically for employer clients, where we handle routine workplace legal service, like contracts, policies, severance packages, and day-to-day HR issues