Settlement Counsel Practice Areas:

Mitchell rose settlement counsel

Employment law – including severance packages, contracts and other non-unionized workplace issues.
Neighbour and boundary disputes – for non-condo properties, including fence issues.
Business conflicts – including family businesses, shareholder and partnership issues, commercial disputes, debt and mortgage enforcement, real estate litigation, and commercial tenancies.

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At Mitchell Rose Law*, we are legal problem solvers known as Settlement Counsel. Mitchell Rose is a former litigator who now focuses on resolving a client’s case through negotiation, as opposed to court, with the aim of saving a client time, risk, stress and money.

Settlement Counsel are realistic. Where required, Mitchell works on a case with litigation lawyers who will see it through to trial, if necessary, while he continues to explore resolution. We believe that this focused, team approach  is the most efficient way to help a client faced with a legal dispute.


Mitchell rose settlement counsel

“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.”

– John F. Kennedy

The Settlement Counsel concept is growing in popularity and is receiving wider publicity. In 2017, an article co-written by Mitchell Rose entitled Two Heads Are Better Than One: A Settlement Counsel Primer appeared in The Advocates’ Quarterly, a prestigious civil litigation journal.