TORONTO, ON, March 2023—Effective April 1 through to the end of December 2023, Mitchell Rose Professional Corporation (“MRPC”) (o/a Mitchell Rose Law and Rose Dispute Resolution) will be piloting a four-day work week. During this nine-month period, our remote practice will be open Monday-Thursday from 9 am-5:00 pm and closed on Fridays. Our four-day work week will not be a compressed work schedule, but rather reduced hours. So, an employee would work around 28 hours over four days and have a three-day weekend.

When asked why MRPC was making the change, Mitchell Rose states, “after reviewing some practice data, evidence suggests there is room to improve focus and employee satisfaction. Additionally, the research I conducted on the four-day work week presents better health and mental wellbeing, greater engagement, and improved productivity outcomes. I’m all for pursuing innovations that will lead to such positive outcomes.”

He adds, “if a legal matter or dispute resolution process demands a Friday, our clients’ business and legal needs will be met, and we will pursue efforts to make mediation or hearing dates available. We are treating this trial period as a study and will monitor performance indicators for continuous improvement. When the trial period is complete, we will assess whether to continue or modify it.”

TORONTO, ON, August, 2022—To further enhance our dispute resolution portfolio, we are pleased to announce that Rose Dispute Resolution is now offering standalone Arbitration, in addition to Mediation and Mediation-Arbitration.

After completing the intensive 2021-2022 Gold Standard© Course in Commercial Arbitration, presented by the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society (TCAS), Mitchell Rose remarks, “I am excited to be offering another out-of-court procedure to help our clients address their disputes,” adding, “The various forms of arbitration offer advantages over traditional litigation. With my experience in both litigation and mediation, I look forward to applying my knowledge and skill set to arbitration to distill complex disputes into a solution that addresses clients’ needs.”

About the Gold Standard© Course in Commercial Arbitration

TCAS’ Gold Standard© is a comprehensive course in commercial arbitration that meets, or exceeds, the requirements established by the ADR Institute of Canada for the Qualified Arbitrator (Q.Arb) designation. Over a period of about a year, students cover topics including ethics, procedure and arbitral awards. Students who complete the course are eligible to apply to the ADR Institute of Canada for the Q.Arb designation.

About the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society

With its early roots as an arbitrators’ roundtable, today, TCAS is a pre-eminent group of Canadian arbitration practitioners.

TORONTO, ON, October, 2021—To enhance our dispute resolution service offerings, we are pleased to announce that Rose Dispute Resolution is now offering Mediation-Arbitration, in addition to traditional mediation.

After completing an intense Med-Arb Foundational Workshop presented by ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC), Mitchell Rose explains the process, “Mediation-Arbitration (or Med-Arb) is a process by which the parties try to mediate their dispute with a ‘neutral’, the mediator. If they cannot agree on a resolution, then the mediator becomes an arbitrator (a decision maker appointed by the parties, instead of by the court) who then conducts a hearing on another day. The parties present their evidence and make their arguments to the arbitrator, who then makes a decision, with reasons, that is legally binding. In a variation of this format, the parties can instead agree that the arbitrator will choose one party’s last, best offer to settle (“final offer selection”) to further save time and cost,” adding “I am excited to now offer med-arb to my clients as an alternative to mediation followed by litigation or continued litigation if the parties do not settle.”

About the ADR Institute of Canada

With over 2400 member practitioners drawn from every corner of the country, ADRIC is Canada’s leading professional organization for alternative dispute resolution promoting conflict resolution through arbitration, mediation and other forms of ADR, including Med-Arb. ADRIC sets a national standard for best practices and quality assurance for industry-leading arbitration and mediation rules, codes of ethics and conduct, and discipline and complaint procedures.

TORONTO, ON, September, 2020—We are pleased to announce that Mitchell Rose, C.Med and LL.B., was inducted as a Charter Member of the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (CADN) in September 2020.

About the Canadian Academy of Distinguished Neutrals

CADN is the country’s preeminent, invite-only professional association recognizing experienced and in-demand ADR practitioners in the field of civil and commercial dispute resolution. Academy members have been thoroughly vetted by distinguished neutrals and found to meet stringent practice criteria.

TORONTO, ON, August, 2020—We are pleased to announce Mitchell Rose, C.Med and LL.B., as 2020/21 Chair of the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) executive section.

“I am committed to helping to shape the future of mediation, arbitration, and settlement counsel in Ontario, and leading a dedicated group of professionals dedicated to innovative conflict resolution and access to justice,” says Mitchell Rose.

About the ADR Executive Section

The ADR executive section advocates for innovation in dispute resolution in the province. The 2019/2020 ADR executive advanced several significant initiatives on behalf of the OBA.

About the Ontario Bar Association

The OBA, a branch of the CBA (Canadian Bar Association), represents close to 16,000 lawyers, judges, notaries, law teachers and law students from across the province. Approximately two-thirds of all practicing lawyers in Canada belong to the CBA. An essential ally and advocate for members of the legal profession, the OBA promotes fair justice systems, facilitates effective law reform, upholds equality in the legal profession and is devoted to eliminating discrimination.