News developments for Mitchell Rose, Rose Dispute Resolution and/or Mitchell Rose Law.

Mitch is interviewed by CBC’s Matt Galloway on mediation of neighbour disputes.

Is paper practical for the law profession? Mitch has something to say about that and digital disruption.

ADR Explainer: What are mediation and arbitration

2021: A look back at noteworthy court decisions and ADR

The Ontario Court of Appeal declines to clarify whether Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (IDEL) count as constructive dismissal.  Now what? Mitch weighs in.


An in-depth look at dispute resolution processes: mediation, med-arb and arbitration. (A two-part article series April 12 and May 3, 2023.)

These articles were originally published by Law360 Canada, part of LexisNexis Canada Inc.

Mitch makes a case against mediator contingency fees.

Mitch and Marc Bhalla co-author a newsletter article (pg 13) on the topic of baseball arbitration (formally known as “final offer selection”) as one way to address conflict.

In the COVID period, to mediate in person or virtually?  That is the question.  Read what Mitch has to say on that and on what’s safe and practical.

How long should you schedule for a mediation? Mitch answers this question.

Mitch weighs in on breaking impasse with mediator settlement recommendations.

mitchell rose benefits logo

In the ever-evolving aspects of employment law, there is little legal clarity for employers dealing with pandemic-related layoffs. The only certainty is uncertainty, says Mitch.


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