To view my calendar and reserve a date for either an in-person* or virtual mediation, please select the type of mediation you’re needing (half (AM/PM) or full-day). The calendar provides a snapshot of my availability to conduct mediations over the next six months.

If a date you want for a mediation or arbitration is marked as booked, please inquire. It is possible I may have flexibility in my schedule and can accommodate your request as dates do become available due to cancellations and other scheduling changes.

Please contact my office directly to verify availability, book a date, have tentative dates placed on hold or to inquire about dates beyond the six-month period. Provide full booking information (preferred date, half or full day, start time, location, name of parties (plaintiff-defendant), court file number, and names and contact information of lawyers for the plaintiff and defendant. For the Rose Dispute Resolution Mediation Fee Schedule, click here.

Please keep in mind that when I’m in mediations, there may be a minor delay in responding to your email or voicemail. Contact my assistant, Sandra Pakosh, if you have any questions or need additional information. Thank you very much for your business.

*During the COVID-19 period, for any in-person mediation, we will follow Ontario Public Health guidance for protecting the health and safety of staff, clients, partners and workplaces.

Circles and half circles mark full and half days respectively that were available when this calendar was last updated. (For more about the meaning of the availability symbols, click the “Legend” link below the calendar.)

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Rose Dispute Resolution offers in-person and online mediations via videoconferencing.

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